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Real-Time Systems GmbH


  • Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance Affiliate Member
  • Intel Premier Software Partner
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold Partner


Real-Time Systems GmbH

Real-Time Systems GmbH is a leading provider of real-time virtualization and operating system technology as well as engineering services and products for embedded and real-time systems. With an extensive knowledge in quality software design, Real-Time Systems GmbH provides a competitive advantage to their customers. The in-house teams of specialists collaborate with customers at any stage of their projects, helping them develop platform software (BSP), device drivers as well as application programming.
Most of the engineers have Masters Degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or hold related engineering degrees with an average of over 10 years working experience.
Our team members are experts in all phases of your projects, starting from requirements capture, feasibility study, product specification, architecture design, implementation, verification, validation, version control, documentation all the way to maintenance and customer service.
Our development procedures and processes are state of the art and focused on quality and market needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve our customers' competitive advantage by providing advanced practical software solutions with inherent reliability and the highest quality at a cost-effective price.


Customer Benefits

  • Innovative Products
  • Comprehensive market expertise
  • Results-oriented, focused team
  • Value-added, Industry-compatible solutions
  • Fast turnaround assures fastest time-to-market
  • Seamless integration into your existing team
  • Secure Confidentiality


Our Ethics

  • Honesty in all dealings
  • Trust in the character of our team members and partners
  • Fairness in our relationships
  • Responsibility for our actions and representations
  • Mutual Respect for our partners, customers and team members


Industries Served   

Aerospace Instrumentation
Industrial Automation Medical
Defence Process Control
Electronics Telecommunications

Real-Time Systems GmbH founded in 2006 as a Spin-out from Industrial Robot maker KUKA is a privately held company headquartered in Ravensburg, Germany with partners in Europe, USA and Asia.

For more information, contact info [@] real-time-systems.com



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