The guarded bridge between
IT and OT

                                                             The ARENDAR, perhaps the most multifunctional Industry 4.0 solution on the market.

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Arendar Facts

  • Innovative solution for the holistic digitalisation of production processes
  • Development open to all sectors, can be used in all production processes
  • Security-by-design: security aspect already anchored in the basic conception
  • Used in a large number of projects in various industries
  • OEM partnerships with machine manufacturers
  • In solution sales for German Telekom and international IT groups
  • Suitability especially for equipping old and existing plants: resource-saving extension of the useful life of plants with simultaneous optimisation of costs, quality, productivity and energy consumption
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  • Digitalization of machines, processes and entire plants
  • Quick results: all functions easily configurable. No programming skills needed
  • Integration of different tasks and functions in one platform
  • scalable solution
  • easy to use
  • flexible configuration
  • you remain in control of your data
  • certified cyber security: “security by design – made by ARENDAR”
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