RTS Safe Hypervisor

Intel Solution Brief

RTS Safe Hypervisor Will Enhance Intel Processors with New Functional Safety-Compliance Capabilities

Users developing and deploying next generation Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices need processors and software elements that comply with the security and functional safety requirements of their industry. But compliance with functional safety (FuSa) standards has historically been a time-consuming and expensive process. Compliance is about to be streamlined thanks to a new safe hypervisor – under development for  Intel Atom® x6000E Series processors – that will enable multiple operating systems, applications, and IoT devices to safely and efficiently share a single hardware platform. Real-Time Systems (RTS) is developing the new hypervisor in partnership with Intel. The RTS Safe Hypervisor will facilitate the consolidation of both safety and non-safety workloads running on select multicore processors. The FuSa-capable hypervisor also will help with the efficient management of hardware resource allocation and virtual machine applications.

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