RTOS-32 will soon be obsolete

it's time to act

On Time, the developer and supplier of RTOS-32, will cease operations at the end of this year. For users of RTOS-32, this means they will not be able to receive OS updates, new drivers, support, or purchase new licenses from 2023 onwards.


The importance of embracing change

RTOS-32 users should, therefore, urgently evaluate alternative real-time solutions. And not only for new developments but also for the installed base of their existing solutions. However, companies must avoid overloading their R&D departments. Immediate porting of all real-time applications can quickly lead to reduced agility and an innovation backlog, as critical capacities for new and further developments are occupied.

Even acquiring the source code licenses for RTOS-32 to execute modifications in-house is only a short-term solution, as it is impossible to freeze a system configuration for all time. In addition, significant capacities and expertise must be spent on RTOS-32 maintenance. So, a need to change is inevitable in the medium to long term.


An agile transition

For maximum agility, we recommend our RTS Hypervisor. It can be used to operate a second real-time operating system in parallel to RTOS-32, so that real-time applications can be incrementally ported to the new RTOS. Even time-intensive porting of complex applications does not have to be completed in a hurry as the Real-Time System  Hypervisor keeps its RTOS-32 compatibility. This relieves the development department, saves costs, and ensures more reliable operation of the new solutions.

Some devices may not be supported by RTOS-32. This is where the RTS hypervisor can help as well. Supporting a wide range of real-time operating systems, the RTS hypervisor allows you to assign and use the device in a virtual machine hosting a RTOS for which standard drivers are available.

However, our RTS Hypervisor covers more than just real-time operating systems. It also enables the parallel use of classic multipurpose OSes such as Linux or Windows. Our RTS Hypervisor supports a broad range of x86 real-time operating systems and standard operating systems for this purpose. The complete list can be found here: https://www.real-time-systems.com/de/maintained-os-versions.html.

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Finding the right real-time OS

We are happy to support our customers in choosing the ideal RTOS-32 successor. A first pre-selection can be evaluated based on the following questions:

  • Are Win32-compatible APIs to be used?
  • Is professional support by the RTOS vendor needed?
  • Should the new RTOS be royalty-free?
  • Should the Visual Studio environment be retained?
  • Is remote debugging required during the development phase?
 Win32 APIRoyalty-freeIDESource code 
RTOS-32        yesyesVisual Studioyes
INtime          yesnoVisual Studiono
VxWorks nonoWorkbenchyes
Linux preempt-rt noyesVisual Studio Code possibleyes
QNX nonoMomenticsno

We are at your disposal for a comprehensive and professional evaluation of your solution with our RTS Hypervisor. This evaluation is completely free of charge and without obligation. So, you could even use the change from RTOS-32 as an opportunity for a highly agile alignment of your solutions. Especially if you take advantage of the system consolidation that our hypervisor technology enables. 

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