About Real-Time Systems

We are the experts in virtualization technology you can trust for consolidating deterministic real-time operating systems (RTOS) with other, less critical applications on a single hardware platform. Our bare metal hypervisor provides a privileged mode that allows operating systems to run in real-time, thereby avoiding any overhead from virtualization. Native real-time capability stays at 100%.

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Product highlights

The RTS Hypervisor

With the RTS Hypervisor, you can combine any operating system with any x86 processor to suit your needs of the moment. You have full freedom to virtualize your devices and their IoT and/or Industry 4.0 connectivity individually. A major benefit is in any case the exceptionally easy startup and handling of the virtual machines. This means your deterministic real-time applications can take advantage of all the benefits of virtualization immediately, without costly implementation projects.

  • Reduced system costs and physical size through hardware consolidation
  • Hard real-time performance
  • Maximum flexibility in system functionality
  • Increased reliability (MTBF) as no additional hardware is required for additional operating system
  • Works seamlessly with COTS and proprietary operating systems
  • Runs on any PC from low-power modules to multi-socket servers
  • Works out-of-the-box without customization
  • Proven in thousands of systems worldwide
Industry sectors


About half of all embedded systems developers have applications where real time plays an important role. The benefits of virtualization technology for real-time applications are therefore of great interest to them, not least because new applications are constantly being added. We focus on the following industry sectors:

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OS support

the choice is yours!

We offer you all the freedom you need, because our RTS Hypervisor is OS agnostic: It supports all popular commercial and open source operating systems. 

  • Microsoft™ Windows® (all current versions)
  • Wind River VxWorks (6.9 and 7)
  • Windows® Embedded Compact (CE 6.0, WEC7, WEC2013)
  • QNX Neutrino RTOS 6 and 7
  • Microware OS-9
  • On Time RTOS-32
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat/CentOs, Yocto, etc.)
  • Real-Time Linux/Preempt
  • TenAsys INtime RTOS
  • T-Kernel
  • Proprietary OS upon request


No special Board Support Package (BSP) required! Hypervisor BSP comes from Real-Time Systems

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Use Case

Typical Hypervisor Use Cases

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Real-time systems