RTS Hypervisor

System configuration

Configure with ease

RTS Hypervisor lets you exactly meet your system requirements in no time at all. With the Configuration File, you precisely assign computer resources and operating systems (OS) to different CPU cores and specify your preferences for the runtime environment.

Tailor-made system design

In the Configuration File, you define, amongst others, operating modes of used OSs, memory allocation, shared memory sections, events, virtual networks, timers, and IRQs. It allows you to assign PCI devices, I/O and USB ports, disks and partitions, and a lot more. The RTS Hypervisor lets you allocate permissions to make existing OSs visible or invisible, to use shared memory sections, and to change time synchronization.

Time-saving setup

The Configuration File comes with plain ASCII format, which allows you to easily edit the configuration with any plain-text editor. Contained information is divided into sections. Thanks to clearly assigned keywords you can find, check, and edit a specific parameter with ease.

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