Machine & factory automation

One of the largest application areas of the RTS hypervisor technology is the consolidation of machine control and visualization tasks in one system to reduce hardware costs and offer many additional benefits as well. That’s why virtualization technology becomes increasingly popular in the automation industry. Industry 4.0 and IIoT connectivity further accelerate demand.

New requirements

for machine control

In an Industry 4.0 factory, machines and systems communicate in real time. IIoT connectivity for monitoring, management and maintenance tasks requires an additional communication channel.

The RTS Hypervisor

brings together what belongs together

The gateway logic for Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications can be perfectly implemented in virtual machines. This is another reason why the investment in the RTS Hypervisor pays off significantly. If the PLC with the HMI is already assembled on a virtualized platform, you only need to set up a new virtual machine for the IIoT gateway.

Additional benefits

for machine control

Since virtual machines can also communicate with each other via internet protocol, they incidentally homogenize the intra- and inter-system communication. The entire application can also be broken down into reusable function blocks. This makes OEM solutions even more agile and flexible.

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The RTS hypervisor is suitable for all common RTOS and GPOS configurations. Try it out!

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