The benefits


All applications on one hardware platform

With the RTS Hypervisor, you can run a variety of real-time and general purpose operating systems on a single hardware platform.

Benefits: Reduced hardware costs, energy consumption, cabling and space.

Better use of resources

When multiple operating systems are run virtually on a multicore or multiprocessor platform, performance can be allocated as necessary. This makes better use of the overall hardware capacity than when each operating system is allocated a dedicated system.

Benefits: Lower costs and energy consumption.

Real-time stays real-time

Thanks to its privileged mode, the RTS Hypervisor can run a real-time operating system without adding extra latencies (0.00 μs).

Benefits: Performance and determinism of real-time applications are retained.

Ready for immediate use

The RTS Hypervisor is ready to use out-of-the-box and can be installed within no time. Users can install and configure it independently and without detailed hardware knowledge. An implementation project or customization by our engineers is not required.

Benefits: Considerable NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) cost savings and easy evaluation of the RTS Hypervisor on any x86 platform. We are happy to assist and advise customers with qualified projects at any time.

Increased reliability

When the number of hardware components is reduced, the probability of failure of the overall system decreases. For example, by consolidating an industrial PC-based HMI and an ARM or microcontroller-based real-time control into a single hardware platform, the mean time between failures (MTBF) can be significantly increased.

Benefits: Maintenance costs drop. Higher productivity with less downtime also increases user satisfaction.

Remain hardware independent

The RTS Hypervisor is hardware-agnostic and can run on any x86 platform, from the smallest embedded modules to full-blown servers, and regardless of whether it is powered by Intel or AMD processors.

Benefits: You remain independent in your hardware decision and can always use the platform that’s best for your application.

Simplified certification

If the RTS Hypervisor is used to separate security-critical from non-critical areas such as the user interface, this not only helps to make the development process and functional validation more efficient, but also simplifies quality assurance and certification.

Benefits: By using the RTS Hypervisor to modularize your application, you can make changes in one module without having to recompile and completely retest the other software components, which significantly reduces time-to-market and costs.

Increased agility and flexibility

When functions are separated among virtual machines, the collaboration between these virtual machines remains highly flexible. As a result, you can create new combinations on the basis of open standard interfaces at any time.

Benefits: Growing potential for agility and flexibility

IoT and Industry 4.0 ready

Stand-alone partitions for a dedicated security gateway with NFV (Network Function Virtualization) for firewall, virus protection and routing help to significantly increase security and eliminate the need for additional gateways.

Benefits: Your real-time applications can be connected very quickly and efficiently, while the IoT and Industry 4.0 gateway can also be flexibly adapted to your individual requirements.

For technical questions make sure you read our FAQ section.

The RTS hypervisor is suitable for all common RTOS and GPOS configurations. Try it out!

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