Medical technology

Medical devices are key application areas for the RTS Hypervisor. For instance, OEMs isolate the real-time imaging control from the backend servers for raw data processing. Once the hypervisor is incorporated, it becomes possible to efficiently implement many other tasks within a single x86 system using virtual machines.

The RTS Hypervisor

brings together what belongs together

Real-time visualization, computer-aided diagnostics with expert systems, connectivity to RISC and PACS systems and the gateway for the medical IoT – modern medical imaging equipment must provide many additional functions. Use of the RTS Hypervisor prevents these added features leading to a hardware cost explosion.

Additional benefits:

Simple Certification

The RTS Hypervisor makes it possible to reconcile time-consuming certification with fast innovation cycles and high cost pressures, since the functions that are relevant for the certification can be separated from the other functions.

The RTS Hypervisor:

Ready for immediate use

The RTS Hypervisor is ready to use out-of-the-box and can be installed within no time. Users can install and configure it independently and without detailed hardware knowledge. An implementation project or customization by our engineers is not required. Benefits: Considerable NRE cost savings and easy evaluation of the RTS Hypervisor on any x86 platform. We are happy to assist and advise customers with qualified projects at any time.

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The RTS hypervisor is suitable for all common RTOS and GPOS configurations. Try it out!

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