Test & measurement systems

Test and measurement systems offer ever higher sensitivity for increasingly precise evaluation. Hypvervisor technology lets you execute these real-time measurements along with analysis and analytics on a consolidated system. That’s why test & measurement is one of the largest markets for the RTS Hypervisor technology. You can even integrate IIoT interfaces.

Test & measurement systems

with IIoT connectivity

Manufacturers want to monitor and manage their real-time test and measurement systems remotely and collect big data. Users want to monitor them on central cloud dashboards. With the RTS Hypervisor, suitable gateways and firewalls can be easily integrated into existing solutions.

The RTS Hypervisor

brings together what belongs together

RTS hypervisor technology makes it possible to logically separate the real-time test and measurement system from all other tasks such as evaluation, analytics and GUI. Without increasing hardware usage, manufacturers can also incorporate the logic of an IIoT gateway as they leverage the power of modern hypervisor technology.

Additional benefits

for test & measurement systems

There is a strong trend towards manufacturers of real-time test and measurement systems generating increasing revenues from Software-as-a-Service. Algorithms and analytics can be monetized most efficiently and big data collected seamlessly if the logic for connecting the systems to the IIoT is integrated into a virtual machine.

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The RTS hypervisor is suitable for all common RTOS and GPOS configurations. Try it out!

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