RTS Hypervisor support for TenAsys INtime distributed RTOS

Partnering with TenAsys’ INtime RTOS, this solution delivers the most versatile PC-based software platform for workload consolidation of applications having strict deterministic needs. The INtime RTOS initiatives include TSN and most real-time Ethernet protocols. Running the INtime RTOS on the RTS Hypervisor provides existing INtime applications to run alongside a greater breadth of disparate workloads and shields it further from other OS’s influence on the platform.

INtime Distributed RTOS works seamlessly with other RTOS partitions or “Virtualized Mode” partitions on the Real-Time Systems’ RTS Hypervisor. Within an INtime Partition, applications again can be separated in multiple separate INtime RTOS environments to ensure protection at the application level. Robust IPC services between execution cores and other guest operating systems facilitate cooperative data processing and control execution. This innovative RTOS design allows developers to scale out solutions across multiple nodes or multiple hosts, or both, optimizing system hardware costs.

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About INtime distributed RTOS

Scalable RTOS with multi-kernel support. Embedded solutions are built on a range of hardware, from simple, single-core based PCs to complex, networked, multi-core and multi-host PC systems. The INtime® Distributed RTOS is designed to provide the scalability, flexibility, and reliability that real-time applications demand on one or multiple PC hosts. 

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Explicit Hardware Partitioning for Multiple Autonomous Processes

INtime Distributed RTOS explicitly partitions available multi-core CPUs into distinct processing nodes, dedicating one execution core, RAM, and I/O resources to each INtime RTOS-node. This asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) approach allows applications to run independently from one another. INtime Distributed RTOS enables solutions to be scaled to different core counts and topologies, without the need to rewrite applications.

  • Complete Object-based RTOS solution
  • Explicit HW Partitioning for enhanced Application Protection
  • Deterministic – Hard Real-time capable
  • Flexible Deployments due to Multi-process Architecture
  • GOBSnet IPC – Cross-node and Cross-PC communication
  • Full support for RTS Hypervisor
    • Virtual Network
    • Disk Sharing
    • Shared Memory
    • Event Systems
    • Time Synchronization
  • Binary Compatible with INtime® for Windows*
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Solution Values:

  • Reduced system costs and physical size through hardware consolidation
  • Hard, real-time performance
  • Maximum flexibility in system functionality
  • Increased reliability as no additional hardware is required for additional operating systems
  • Works seamlessly with COTS and proprietary operating systems
  • Runs on any PC from low-power modules to multi-socket servers
  • Works out of the box without customization
  • Proven in thousands of systems worldwide
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Contact Info

U.S. (headquarters):
Sales: sales[@]tenasys.com
Phone: +1 503 748 4720

Sales: europe-office[@]tenasys.com
Phone: +49 89 45 46 9 47 – 0

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For technical questions make sure you read our FAQ section.

The RTS hypervisor is suitable for all common RTOS and GPOS configurations. Try it out!

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