Realtime and AI integration with COM-HPC

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COM-HPC concept (10 min.)
Christian Eder, Chairman COM-HPC at the PICMG

11th Gen Intel Core processors based COM products (20 min.)
Andreas Bergbauer, Product Manager at congatec

COM-HPC carrier design challenges (30 min.)
Christian Riesinger, Senior Field Application Engineer at congatec

Virtualization for consolidating deterministic real-time (20 min.)
Michael Reichlin, Manager WW Sales at Realtime Systems

Deep learning analytics & software tool kits (25 min.)
Roy Allela, Deep Learning SW Engineer at Intel

Q&A & Summary

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Michael Reichlin, Real-Time-Systems GmbH

Michael Reichlin is Head of Sales & Marketing at RTS. The company specializes in consolidating deterministic real-time operating systems (RTOS) with other, less critical applications on a single hardware platform.

Christian Eder, congatec GmbH

Christian Eder is a cofounder and serves as director of marketing for EMEA at congatec. Christian – with his 30 years of experience in embedded computing – is the chairman of the COM-HPC workgroup of PICMG

Andreas Bergbauer, congatec GmbH

Andreas Bergbauer is Senior Product Manager at congatec and is responsible for the COM Express and COM HPC product lines.

Roy Allela, Intel Corporation

Roy Allela is Senior Deep Learning Software Engineer focused on Computer Vision & AI at Intel Germany GmbH in Munich.

Christian Riesinger, congatec GmbH

Christian Riesinger is Senior Field Application Engineer at congatec and responsible for the new COM-HPC formfactor.

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