RTS at Embedded World 2023

Experience the benefits of consolidating
mixed-critical workloads on one single system


Growing complexity as well as time and cost pressure of todays embedded applications entail stringent requirements that can only be met with systematic engineering approaches and state-of-the-art informatics and electronics development techniques. One successful development path is the system consolidation via real-time capable hypervisor technology.

Instead of using multiple dedicated systems, the RTS Hypervisor products from Real-Time Systems enable OEMs to consolidate all these different tasks on one hardware platform.

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And with the brand-new RTS Safe Hypervisor, OEMs can for the first time consolidate safety-critical tasks, like control of surgical robots and imaging systems, respirators as well as defibrillators, along with non-safety-related functionalities on one processor. 

The RTS Safe Hypervisor empowers your applications with more functionality to improve user accessibility, IoT connectivity, as well as safe functionality with deterministic control. All of this comes combined with functional safety and cybersecurity resulting in optimized reliability, reduced certification efforts, and positive returns on investment and design-in efforts.

This brings not only advantages regarding system count and costs but also helps to minimize certification efforts so that your solutions benefit from highest design agility and efficiency to gain decisive competitive advantages. 

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Combined with the RTS Hypervisor technology the new RTS Secure Boot Loader  is specifically designed for use with EFI Secure Boot, ensuring that only digitally signed software can run on your computer. It enables the loading, verification, and running of the RTS Hypervisor, as well as other associated files such as OS images and configuration files. With the RTS Secure Boot Loader, you can have peace of mind knowing that your system is protected against malicious software, keeping your data and network secure. 

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So, let’s meet at our booth 368 in hall 4. Then you can experience our new RTS Hypervisor Technology firsthand. 

We kindly ask you to get in touch with us here to schedule a personal meeting at the Embedded World 2023 so we can fully dedicate ourselves to your virtualization demands and how our RTS Hypervisor technology can help you.

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